CAPELLI NEW YORK has been at the forefront of delivering superior products to our vast network of valued customers for over 25 years. Capelli designs, manufactures and markets on-trend private label and branded products for women, men, teens, tweens and kids. We operate with more than 3,000 employees across multiple continents including North America, Europe and Asia, giving us a truly global presence and perspective.  Because of our unique structure, we are able to respond to the latest fashion trends quickly, leveraging our positions in sourcing raw materials, innovative design and product development teams and manufacturing our products in our own factories.

As our headquarters are in the heart of New York City's fashion district, we are well positioned to not only deliver the products needed today, but also be at the forefront of the needs and challenges of tomorrow. Capelli New York provides private label, branded, and custom solutions for all our categories, always focusing on growing the company to meet any needs that our integrated structure allows for.